We are BCL Pharma the industry's leading formulator and manufacturer of innovative personal care & pharma products, our 10,000 square feet state of the art GMP/WHO/ ISO & Pharma compliance facility located in RAMPUR MAJRI, DHOLAKUAN, DISTRICT SIRMOUR, Himachal Pradesh, India. With over 20 years of experience, we provide complete 3600 turnkey services specializing in research and development, custom formulation, contract manufacturing, third-party manufacturing,  private label and brand development.  Our dedicated team guide each client through the product development process.

With thousands of formula with our formula bank and countless packaging variations, we can offer ready to go in-stock items as well as customize formulations for skin care, Hair care, Body care, Face care, Derma care, Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Syrups & Ointments.

We are selling more than 30 countries around the globe. Our QA & QC team assure that no matter what you want or where you want it, Will find the way to get it done. Each formula is research and developed by a team of highly skilled chemists, Applying only the strictest quality standards, Latest scientific breakthroughs and the world's smallest and the largest growing trends.

Whether you need something, we already make or something completely unique, from formulation to packaging. Our team will help identify what look and feel would best represent your brand’s image and message. Finding the right label look and design for your product can be challenging; that’s why our in-house graphics design specialist translates your branding on the packaging with the remarkable art-work. Our state of the art plant has over hundreds blending, holding, processing and batching tanks ranging from hundred KG, all the way to thousand KG. Our product development group include an R&D team to help get the best product design as per the client requirements, Our regulatory department verifies that the items sold or compliance in formulation and labeling to the country of destination, Our QA department ensures that the proper documentation stability and substantiation are available before the release of a product. So from the R&D stage, to scale up and manufacturing, you are covered from raw material reception, to finished goods release covering all expect of production.

We are leading in the industry for over 20 years and trusted by beauty and pharmaceutical  professionals all over the world. We have been a reliable and continuous partner in the success of hundreds of global brands.


To be successful, we work together and transcend organizational, cultural and geographical boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Quality is embedded in the work and values of our company. Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve high-quality results that exceed the expectations of customers and partners.

BCL Pharma is built on strong values which we communicate in our Code of Business Ethics. These values a strictly respected when we work with our customers and partners.

BCL Pharma commits to enforcing the confidentiality of on-going business relations. We will not reveal any information about the skills, know-how or holdings in immaterial property of our customers or partners, whether they are protected or not. BCL Pharma commits to acting with loyalty and to not exercise, be it directly or indirectly, any activities that would place us in a situation of conflict of interests. Every BCL Pharma co-worker, whatever his or her functions or hierarchical level may be, is committed to respecting the above principles of behavior.

BCL Pharma is a customer-oriented company : we have a keen ear for our customers’ requests. Our goal is to transform their specific demands into high quality cosmetic products in compliance with all applicable regulations. We make it our mission to help our customers on their way to success on the cosmetic market.

We respect your timing, price constraints and quality specifications to come up with creative solutions. Our expert teams, state-of-the-art R&D laboratories and production facilities make sure the final product lives up to expectations. We also hold a comprehensive range of skin care and Pharma (OTC) products that our customers can use to build a comprehensive and innovative product range in order to differentiate their brand.

At BCL Pharma, we aim for added value and create sustainable partnerships with our customers. We combine our expertise in cosmetic ingredients with high-end formulation skills to offer full-service solutions. BCL Pharma always aims for the perfect balance between science and marketing. We stimulate product innovation by providing high-quality services.

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